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Tear-down Alternatives

According to The National Association of Home Builders, over 75,000 houses are demolished each year and replaced with larger houses, and the phenomenon is affecting over 300 communities in 33 states. This page is meant to be a resource to provide alternatives and solutions to this growing problem.

The picture here is of a house that Sarah designed a few years ago for a vacant lot in an inner ring suburb. It is often mistaken for a remodeling because it fits into the neighborhood so well.

Tear-down Alternatives

The National Trust for Historic Preservation's Tear Downs and McMansions Resource Guide
When a neighborhood becomes aware of the tear-down phenomenon happening close at hand, that's the time to organize a committee or community group that can help educate real estate agents, builders, and homeowners about the options that are available. The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently put together a "Teardowns and McMansions Resource Guide," which allows neighborhood organizations to learn from what other communities have done to stem the tide of tear-downs. Filled with useful information, tips, and strategies, it should be the starting point for anyone wanting to help preserve the character of their community.

McMansion Invasion
Scott Evans documented the tear-down phenomenon in his own neighborhood on his blog.

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